Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Our policies do not provide automatic cover for pre-existing medical conditions.

In relation to these policies, a pre-existing medical condition means, 

In relation to each Relevant Person, any medical or physical conditions, symptoms or circumstances:

  • which You are aware of, or ought to have been aware of; or
  • for which advice, care, treatment, medication or medical attention has been sought, given, or recommended; or
  • which have been diagnosed as a medical condition, or an illness or indicative of an illness; or
  • which are of such a nature to require, or which potentially may require medical attention; or
  • which are of such a nature as would have caused a prudent, reasonable person to seek medical attention;

prior to each date You commence Your Travel.

How do I apply for Pre-existing Medical Condition cover?

If you would like us to consider cover for a pre-existing medical condition, enter your trip details here and tell us if you or your accompanying family members would like to cover pre-existing medical conditions. You will need to answer basic screening questions to confirm your trip is covered. You will also be asked to declare your pre existing medical conditions to us and answer questions specific to those conditions.

You will need to declare each and every condition that meets the policy definition of a pre-existing medical condition and any other condition that you feel is relevant to your current state of health.

The information you provide will be used to assess if we can accept your cover application and the premium that will be required for such cover.

If you are applying to cover accompanying family members, please ensure that you have authority to disclose their personal information to us. We recommend your family members review the medical declaration and validate that it is correct and that they have no other medical conditions relevant to our decision to accept or decline the application. A copy of the declaration will be available to you once completed.

Important information about Pre-Existing Medical cover applications

    • If we accept your application, then a premium will apply.
    • You are not obliged to purchase cover where it is available.
    • Application for pre-existing medical conditions is assessed on a per trip basis. You will need to re-apply for each and every trip.
    • Each medical assessment is considered based on the trip in question and the outcome of an application can change for a different trip, even if your medical conditions are unchanged.
    • We will provide you with a copy of your medical declaration. You should check this and advise of any errors that may have been made.
    • If your health status changes after purchasing cover for your pre-existing medical conditions and you are yet to depart for your trip, you should contact us as we may need to reassess your application.
    • Where we are no longer able to cover your pre-existing medical conditions because of a change in your health status and you no longer want to continue with your planned travel, then you may be able to submit a claim for cancellation of travel.